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Butt-hurting tour to the North of the Philippines

Last Holy Week, I and a set of bloggers took ourselves unknowing of a very long travel to Cagayan Province. We were supposed to participate in the Ropali-Shell Partakan Festival -- "Partakan" meaning speed in the Ilocano dialect. Almost like an Amazing Race for motorcyclists to the endpoint in Sta. Ana municipality in Cagayan.

It was an estimated 13 hours from Manila but we arrived after 21 painful hours to our accommodation in Cagayan. Passing through different provinces north of Manila. Any wrong turn will take you to another province - might be a good thing as I was longing to go to Baguio which is just at the Western side of Nueva Vizcaya. We all felt that our butts nearly deflated in the long travel. It could have been easier and comfortable if plane tickets were booked for us. Below was an honest story and expect a few rants.

Good thing we managed ourselves along the way with road chats a enjoyed the view of the mountains and valleys of Bulacan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Nu…

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