February 17, 2017

CURE FOR WELLNESS movie review

An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa's miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure. - 20th Century Fox
If all wellness centers would be as disturbing as found in the Swiss Alps here, I wouldn't go in again. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) fails to get far and retrieve the CEO with their huge business decision from the facility that encloses all those who believe that can cure their illness from just drinking water. More that it made me skeptical about purified water "really purified" as promised.
I've been twisting at every time he discovers a dark secret within the place. Plus, the gory presentation of "healing process" are too chilly. I just don't like seeing full bodies of people being used as "experiments." The darkness in this film is beyond that I can imagine though I admit being a fan of watching Linda Blair's Scariest Places on Earth.
It feels really weird after seeing it and you might not want to sleep immediately. I browsed in Youtube for about an hour until I retired to bed.

Cure for Wellness is now showing in cinemas. R-16 for scenes not suitable for younger audiences.

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HACKSAW RIDGE movie review

It is one of those you seem "just another war movie" but then I realize, it's not. Mel Gibson preaches on the love of God in the middle of a crisis in 2016's HACKSAW RIDGE starring Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Vince Vaughn, Hugo Weaving, Teresa Palmer and more. An incredible and heroic story of Desmond Doss, a US-Japan war veteran, coming in Philippine cinemas, February 22.
The first quarter of the movie talks about how Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) was raised in a God-fearing family and how he acquired a moral obligation on serving his country as a medic. His love life with Dorothy Schutte (Teresa Palmer) was an adorable one. Like how we would love our grandfathers tell their story of our grandmothers. It was a good and cheesy love story and will give you giggles and feels. The rise and fall of emotions hits you in the heart.
Teresa Palmer and Andrew Garfield as Dorothy Schutte and Desmond Doss
Being in the military is no easy for anyone, much so for Doss. His skinny physique has made him a joke as a member of the battalion but it did not stop him from pursuing his willingness to serve. Imagine a soldier never handled a weapon as his moral promise but then he fulfilled his obligation to the country and above to continue living for others and himself. His striking speech before the military court is the best I've heard:
Because when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, I took it personal. Everyone I knew was on fire to join up, including me. There were two men in my hometown declared 4-F unfit, they killed themselves cause they couldn't serve. Why, I had a job in a defense plant and I could've taken a deferment, but that ain't right. It isn't right that other men should fight and die, that I would just be sitting at home safe. I need to serve. I got the energy and the passion to serve as a medic, right in the middle with the other guys. No less danger, just... while everybody else is taking life, I'm going to be saving it. With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me to wanna put a little bit of it back together.
This will be Andrew Garfield's one of the most memorable roles ever. Saving 75 men from Hacksaw Ridge as Desmond Doss is very physically and emotionally challenging because we're talking about lives here. The dreadful conditions of war are two-way affecting us -- the people who fought on location and people left at their homes. It's also the things that people don't realize that's more valuable than killing. That wars don't bring any good.
* Hacksaw Ridge is nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Director (Mel Gibson), Actor (Andrew Garfield) and Film Editing.

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February 8, 2017

THE LEGO BATMAN movie review

Lego sequel dedicated to the dark knight "The Lego Batman movie" takes you to Batman's personal, lonely life with added hilarious antics and lines that will hit right in the feels. I think this is better than the previous Lego movie that have to watch starting February 9 in theaters.
It doesn't take too long for you to love the movie. I remember every bit of it, from start to finish, I was giggling and laughing. Opening credits was already amusing. Batman is very conceited that he makes himself the reason why the others exist. The biggest reunion of our well-loved Batman characters and villains is already here. More than that, Warner Bros brings more of its characters in. I hope WB will produce an episode 1.5 where Batman meets Wildstyle before they meet Emmet from Lego Movie. There is also a very tough attack on DC's rival that you'll laugh your lungs out for the strong competitor.
Also, Robin is all of us. Fanboying or fangirling to our idols, almost wanting us to be adopted of some sort.
The one of the best things that happened here is the confrontation between Joker and Batman that is the funniest of all. This might be the first time that you'll pity him in your life.
I really wished that I could have watched it in 3D to appreciate the graphics more. I don't want to spoil you too much on what will be inside this movie. But as it is, again I'll say, you'll love it.

Now, I am excited for the next Lego movie. Here's the teaser:
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February 6, 2017

HOOQ Hangouts: Mano Po 7 Chinoy

Spent the night of February 4 with a few friends which I haven't seen in a long time. I can again feel that I am back to the blogging world and happy to be with missed friends.

And we went to the Globe Iconic Store at Bonifacio Global City where there is a huge screen playing videos. I was in HOOQ Hangouts which they've done more than three times now. And for that night, they are playing Mano Po 7: Chinoy for free at the big screen for everyone to see. It was just after Chinese New Year so the place is adorned with Chinese lanterns, blossoms and ang paos, and serving Chinese delicacies for us to feast in.
Later on, Jean Garcia and Richard Yap graced the event before we started the screening. The movie came back to theaters on February 8.
But the movie is already available at the HOOQ app for streaming. HOOQ lets you watch more than 10,000 TV series and movies online. All you need is a laptop, tablet or even your smart phone and you can watch anywhere, anytime. Here are available HOOQ plans from Globe:
HOOQ is also ad-free, features both local and international productions, and you can opt to cancel your membership with no hidden charges. I'm starting to download HOOQ so I can enjoy movies and TV shows while offline. I hope you can try it too.
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Choosing a home not far from home

I've come to visit another Ayala property at the outskirts of Manila. Bella Vita Alaminos is just an hour away from busy Makati and just a few minutes from the Batangas-SLEX exit that also caught my attention and got me thinking of where to invest money in the future.
So this Bella Vita Alaminos is next in Ayala properties' socialized housing projects along with Bella Vita Lipa which I've visited before. For Bella Vita Alaminos, while it sits at the foot of Mt. Makiling, you'll feel the cool breeze during North-Eastern winds season. Which I love, because when you live here during that season, it is very peaceful and calming. The area is also accessible to

There are 3 types of accommodation at Bella Vita Alaminos:
Poli Inner and Poli End Units
  1. Poli Inner - with a Lot Area of 36sqm and a Floor Area of 22sqm.
  2. Poli End - with a Lot Area of 56sqm and a Floor of 23sqm
  3. Gemelli - Lot Area of 69sqm and 24 sqm of Floor Area.
To optimize maximum space, my favorite is the Gemelli unit which has provision for a loft which is good for bachelors or a small family. Two Gemelli units are built back to back so you can extend to the other unit if you plan for more space. Plus there is also a provision for parking for your vehicles.
Gemelli - to the Loft
You can reserve a unit already and check out the place for yourself. They accept payment easy payment terms and the price is very affordable for minimum wage earners. You can apply loan from PAG-IBIG fund or reserve a unit for as low as PHP 3,000! Other terms can be discussed by the Bella Vita representative by calling Within Metro Manila (+632) 908-1500. Prices already include the house and lot and you'll be in-charge of how you will customize the interiors by yourself.

You can already find new neighbors in the area and there is also a good playground which you can find safe for your children. In fact, they already had Christmas activities last year which has empowered the community with livelihood programs.
Residents of Bella Vita Alaminos
Wouldn't it be nice that even the developers of the community uplift the morale and encourage bayanihan among the residents? Making the area sustainable for them and helping them raise their income aside from the employment that they have.

Think how you will spend your earnings. Bella Vita has you covered. They also have other properties in General Trias (Cavite), Lipa City (Batangas), Cabanatuan City (Nueva Ecija), Capas (Tarlac), Cagayan De Oro City, Alaminos (Laguna) and in San Miguel (Iloilo City).

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January 31, 2017

RINGS poster brings back Samara's ghost

Samara Morgan (Sadako's American counterpart) emerges again from the TV set and set to kill viewers in terror in the released poster of RINGS. I've tweaked it a little bit in Photoshop so that the TV really glows.
In this continuation of the Rings franchise, a young woman (Matilda Lutz) becomes worried about her boyfriend (Alex Roe) when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before…

Directed by F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall), Rings stars Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Aimee Teegarden and Bonnie Morgan.

Opening across the Philippines on February 22, Rings is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.
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WHY HIM? movie review

Could have been the best holiday for the whole family, Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) was served by an unexpected Christmas present by meeting his daughter's fiance, Laird Mayhew (James Franco), a young billionaire and owner of a multi-million company. The whole holiday season was transformed into a hilarious and challenging moment for all of them. A nerve-wracking Christmas treat, WHY HIM? opens in theaters February 1 from 20th Century Fox.
As Laird (Franco) tries to win his fiancee's parents, the Flemings were having double thoughts on their daughter's choice for a future husband. The comfort and fortune could win them but his uncontrollable demeanor might not be really appropriate to the family's orderly and cultured image. Plus, an almost-too-private habitat that is too high-tech for the Flemings would take them time to adjust.
As for a father-son-in-law relationship, you can predict that it will not be a very good one. But in the end, despite all the contradictions of "values" between both of them, you will learn how to accept people beyond what they barely show you. The almost-sexual moments between Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullaly can take you leap out of your seats. The special appearance of Kiss is surreal. They totally blended in with the other casts, the wonder of having old rock metal artists in family films.
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