looking forward to my SILVER YEAR

yes, i am turning silver tomorrow. and with the previous 24 years of my life, i can say that a lot of things have happened and changed and i still have more to take. my life took a lot of challenges and achievements but still, i have to move on. better to leave all bad things behind and start anew.

i have to spend my birthday alone this time. do things that i really wanted to do. i have to say to myself, "the sky is the limit." get off from the stress and search my soul. no, i won't travel at a distance but i will lurk around. it's better to GET LOST and see what's ahead of me. hehe. but still i have to be extra careful with my surroundings.

i have to start my day early. pray to God for my survival and the people i love. i have to thank you everyone for making my life colorful.

i would like to accomplish several things on my birthday:
  1. BE A FAN: i have to catch the Tambalan ON AIR and have their records autographed. then go to the RX studios to catch Chico and Delamar.
  2. a big Marikina Tour at these places:
    • the Shoe Museum
    • the World of Butterlies
    • the Doll Museum
  3. i have to be strict on the budget so i have to minimize the expense on food. maybe a pares or kwek kwek with rice will do and i should bring crackers on my trip.
  4. an experimentation on myself. an ear piercing might do the trick. and to add silver on my anatomy.
  5. and finally, take a long rest after the long day.
but before i end this, i might also want to wish on a couple of things. though some might seem impossible, a kind heart will be very much appreciated:
i have to say, backpacking would be the best birthday ever! happy 25th birthday to me and to others who i share the date with.