My Fucoidan Facial Treatment

it was a great afternoon for wellness bloggers to be treated like kings and queens as we experience pampering in their Fucoidan wellness center. but before everything else, Fucoidan is tagged as the miracle of the sea for it provides nourishment to the body for a better you.

it is developed from the finest kind of brown seaweed and algae found in the deepest seas of Japan which is further studied and found the following effects:

  1. This food supplement builds a stronger body immune system deterring infections and harmful toxins.
  2. It enhances the cleansing of blood that helps lesson blood clotting.
  3. It improves joint mobility lessening the tissue build-up around the key joints and bones.
  4. It detoxifies our inner system and acts as a cleansing agent for the heavy and harmful toxins we have in our bodies
  5. Lowers cholesterol
  6. Proven to help fight cancer cells.
  7. It prevents and controls high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  8. It moisturizes the skin giving it a smooth, younger look and glow.
  9. It helps reduce sugar levels.

Ms. Marissa del Mar gives testimony to this effects while she had been taking this for years and saw improvement in her lifestyle and body. as the only distributor and CEO/President of Fucoidan products in the country, she is now managing the wellness center providing different services using the miracle of the sea.

the place is simple but you will feel at home upon entrance and the attendants, doctors and therapists are so welcoming. they also use modern machines that aid in fat reduction or slimming and skin improvement.

as for me, i have tried the facial treatment and it was really awesome. the treatment was so rejuvenating and with the help of Fucoidan capsules that were given to us to be tested, little by little i felt changes: for one is the proper sleeping pattern and next is the improvement in my skin.

this was my first time to have major facial treatment. it's a little painful to have myself pricked but my therapist had the patience and care like a mother. again, i like to thank Ms. Shirley for the treatment. i'd like to come back again.