Light Blue D&G

i don't use any perfume if it doesn't have that musk scent and if it doesn't smell clean. i want my scent to be just like i've came out of the shower. i want it fresh, and with that woody scent that feels like nature. i don't know but it just brings the sexiness in me. lol
but i don't buy myself a perfume. maybe a cologne would do. but for a gift, i would like to receive a Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana for Men bottle. as i've read in some product descriptions that this
is inspired by the sun-drenched summer days and nights of the Mediterranean. This colourful, fresh, floral-fruity scent hints of the sultry, balmy night of the Mediterranean.

perfect for my preferences! i really wish that someone would a bottle to me. this is available online so you can search for it. *wink*