ohmski goes back to school

before i have already realized that we don't have any professionals in the family. no one ever took a college course that will undergo board exams and professional licensing processes. i belong to a family of 4 children and 2 of us already graduated. my sister now works at a hotel company and i am working at a multimedia company. not very much fulfilled with my status but everything is under control. (i hope.)

out of the blue last sunday, my parents had something to pop out of their heads. suddenly they offered me to go back to college for another Bachelor's degree. this time, to become an engineer or an architect someday. i was just typing something for my dad's work and they want me to take up a professional and licensed course. they thought that after my younger siblings graduated, they will be enrolling me immediately back to college.

i've come to think about it since i've wanted to go back to school someday. maybe for a Master's degree or a vocation. i have agreed with them as long as they will be providing all expenses. as for me, back to the spoiled person and just opening up my hand for daily allowance and tuition fees. lol

engineering and architecture are both good courses but i'm confused of what to choose just to give in to my parents' request. i want to escape that Math theories and formulas etc and especially Physics that's why i went on another course before. i have no regrets of taking up Advertising and PR in fact i graduated with honors. the only problem is, i still have no practice of it since i graduated. :( i fear that what if i don't excel in the field that i would be taking up, would they get disappointed? maybe but i don't want it to happen.

i'm also concerned of what school to go to when they send me off again. i have no problems with my school before but this time, is it wrong to demand to them to send me to a private school? maybe in a more recognized university?

i have a few months left to think about this because my brothers are graduating next year.