2012 movie review

are you afraid of something? what if you have no choice but to less all things pass, would you save yourself or die helpless?

that's what i saw when i watched 2012. it all started on the belief of the Mayans which really wasn't much touched on the movie. it was like another continental drift unfortunately happened on a very specific date on 2012. the human race didn't really had much time but some powerful individuals manage to take on Darwin: the survival of the fittest.

unimaginable things suppose to happen on 2012. like massive earthquakes, tidal waves and disposition of the continents resulting to great property destruction and lives vanish in an instant. however, the Great 8 had been developing another Noah's Ark to save their races. poor China, their people have been used for the benefit of others but they almost didn't have a chance to save themselves.

doomsday scenes are scary. what if it really happens on 2012? what would you do to survive? the images are almost too realistic with the graphic enhancement. John Cusack also did well but i don't understand his role in the movie.

if you watch this movie, you will be holding tight to your seats.

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