PHILIPPINE ELECTIONS 2010: The Ohmski Coverage

today is a very historical date for all Filipinos that will cast their votes for Philippines' fate for the next 6 years. i really made it sure to cast my vote from the start of the day to avoid long lines.

got up by about 7AM and then washed a little before getting into the precinct. it was easy to find. we headed to Saint Gregory Elementary School -- just a walking distance from home. we found the lines starting to build up but this is not a time to leave.

precinct officers and watchers take charge of the lines. senior citizens and handicapped were given first priorities on the lines. but as time gets longer, the line for seniors and handicapped also lengthened so we are a little left behind. we reported this incident so that every batch would have senior citizens and non-senior citizens. then everything went well on the lines.

as i entered the polling precinct, the officer scanned the list and i hate my picture there. is there a way to update that picture? hehehe... it was my voting application ID when i was 18. not a very good sight to me. haha! signed the back of the form and put my thumbmark. then i proceeded to another officer that will hand me the ballot.

the ballot is a porous paper that why the pen ink blots to its back. it has faced the same problem during the dry run of the polls and i was very careful to shade those circles. i still don't know what material did the marking pens have so that other markers don't access the PCOS machines. it's just a plain pentel pen.

getting in front of the PCOS machine is the most exciting part. you will just feed the ballot and then wait for a few seconds. i thought that the machine won't read my ballot because i was so excited to see the message: "CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN CAST" on the screen. but after around 5 seconds, the message appeared. and then have your index fingered dropped with indelible ink.

COMELEC, your indelible ink easily gets off. but good for the honest citizens like me, i won't be coming back to the precinct to cast another vote. please improve this next time.

and for all Filipinos out there, let's continue to pray for good outcomes. good luck to all of us.

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